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Featured Artist in RARWRITER Magazine :
NIKKI FERRARI's rock life: I don't know if its really that way for Nikki, but the ease with which he demonstrates his immense talent makes it hard to imagine otherwise. His is a bigger than life character, the kind rock loves. Music from him feels like it has to be governed like horsepower; you can feel that however powerful the thing he is doing, it is made richer by a sense that there's still more under the hood, which creates awe. Listening to the old Bill Withers chestnut "Ain't No (Sunshine When She's Gone)," below, you get the feeling that Nikki has done the definitive version. It opens with an urge to shred the acoustic guitar, so every well- phrased chord progression that follows feels on the edge of lift off, and then there is the voice.  Nikki has a deep vein of soul particular to rock singers who came on the L.A. scene in the "modern era"; sound wise think Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth. He has that intimate gravel that butters out into sweetness. Then there are the guitar exercises, which are virtuoso in their precision speed dynamics; pretty extraordinary for anybody, and especially a guy who has made his mark as a bassist. Nikki threw together his demos for the 2006 Rock City News Awards - he was nominated in the Outstanding Solo Artist category - in three days, against the advice of his handlers. He wasn't after all, able to give them the "real stuff." Says Nikki - "The real material I'm working on for the new album I could not put out there yet as it will not be released for months and with the incredible vocal work and musical ideas we did not want anyone to jump on the band wagon and wipe me out before I get started on the marketing and PR campaigns.  " Incredible vocal work and musical ideas? It ain't braggin' to state fact. Again, listen to the MP3s below, which may not be the real thing but leave no doubt about the truth to come. And by the way, Nikki won the Rocky for Outstanding Solo Artist. "The competition was huge man, didn't even get the votes, no album out and yeah still in shock!" Nikki said after the awards show. He didn't top the on line vote in his category, but vote totals in the Rockies only factor into the judges' decisions. Quality of musicianship and artistic expression are listed as other qualifiers, and Nikki clearly made up the difference with the acknowledgement conferred upon him by the panelists. Nikki is sort of undeniable. He is under the watchful eye of an industry veteran. "I am working with John Valenti as a collaborator and consultant vocal coach, trend coach, etc." (A trend coach?) "He had four albums out in the late 70's-early 80's as well as a 1 R&B hit and Overall Billboard's 37 top 40 in 1976. Valenti is just a great guy and so freekin' talented! Johns album's are on back order all the time and he is huge in Japan. I am also working with several famous producers on this one. Some other really exciting things have happened...just so much right now its quite overwhelming."
Rick A. Rice

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